Please note that we only ship items to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Please see Cutco International if you reside outside this region.


***From 7th May 2024, all bladed items need to be send age verification. Please see this webpage for details, under 'Bladed Items':***

Royal Mail: Prohibited & Restricted Items Information

All CUTCO knives are covered by the Forever Guarantee which states that your knife will be Forever sharp.

How to return your knives for resharpening
If you have a knife which you feel may need sharpening, please contact us first on 07793 027753 for the return address.

Please note: Post Offices no longer accept packages containing 'bladed items'. Royal Mail has advised the only way to do this now is by using their online service: The parcel will then be collected from your home address by your postman/​postwoman.

Please make sure to clean your knives thoroughly before returning them for sharpening or service.

There is a small charge for return postage and handling as follows:
£8.00 for any quantity of knives (up to 2kg)

Any knife which has been broken or damaged through unconventional use can be replaced for half the current retail price, plus P&P, under the Forever Replacement Service Guarantee.